Article Marketing – Is Marketing Articles a Thing of the Past?

I’m sure we all know about the panda update that Google initiated last year. It was Google’s goal to destroy any content that was of poor quality. You’ve probably seen content online that was rehashed or rewritten. Have you noticed that your articles aren’t doing as well lately? The panda update has made things very difficult for online marketers. They are now pushed against a wall, forced to come up with new article marketing strategies. The old ways are dead! It’s up to you to adjust to these new changes, if you ever hope to succeed with article writing and promotion.

Articles that once shined in the top ten search results are now being eliminated with ease. But there is good news for you. These article directories are fighting back! They will be conducting new methods of gaining the trust of Google once more. With approval of article becoming much more strict, it’s important for you to bend with the times. In fact, you are going to see articles that are much higher quality in the years to come. So, is this the complete destruction of article marketing? I don’t think so. You see, I’ve always written my article to please the search engines. But, if you are currently using old marketing techniques, you must change. You need to adjust accordingly. You can still get great results from marketing articles if you follow these rules:

Write longer articles. Now that the search engines are used to the old ways, you need to write content that is at least 510 words. These articles need to be very useful and extremely high quality. You need to inform your readers with the best information. Gone are the days of rehashed content! If you hope to succeed, people need to love your articles. They need to feel that you have over delivered. In fact, if your content isn’t one hundred percent unique to you and your readers, Google will know. This means that you cannot copy other writers work! Google is getting smart, so write 110% original content.

The recent update will ensure that all content be looked at in great detail. In fact, one little phrase that appears to be used somewhere else can trigger the duplicate content warning. And you don’t want this to happen, right? One thing that has always stood the test of time, is quality content. This content is king when it comes to driving traffic. So, if you think that you can just write dozens of rewritten articles and see awesome results, you are gravely mistaken! Your articles need to meet the needs of the online users. Google can tell if your content is garbage… and I personally won’t let this happen to me.

Let me let you in on a little secret! If you really want to improve the performance of your articles, you need to promote them outside the article directories. So, what’s my secret to lots of search engine traffic? Well, I use Twitter and Facebook! These website are doing so well right now that anyone would be a fool not to take advantage of them. With these website, a sort of viral effect occurs. If people like your content, it will be shared all over the web, and this means lots of potential prospects for you business.

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